Who Else Has Wanted To Learn About the True Australia - What It's REALLY Like To Live In Rural Australia? Now You Can!

Australian Yarns are short stories of true Australian characters. These guys are the genuine Aussie battlers found in every country town. Their antics are amazing, true and vivid as an Australian sunset.

Available as an 83 page, instant download e-book, "Australian Yarns", is a rich tapestry of Australiana consisting of 40 stories with vivid photographs to add to the rural Australian flavour of this fascinating, sometimes poignant and often very funny look at life outside of a big city.

In the book you will discover why rabbits explode, why farmers paint lizards and why bees don't like hot showers. Learn how John murders his brother and how Phil becomes Captain America. You'll never believe what can happen in boring country bedrooms. All the real characters of Australia are just a click away.

The e-book is available for instant download as a PDF document (size 6MB)

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